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A simulation game has to be somewhat realistic. Prepare to enter a long and arduous fight in the quest to protect cabins from a raging inferno.


  • Left-click: Water Spray
  • Right-click: Fire Start
  • Middle-click: Special ability
  • LeftControl: Change Special ability
  • WASD: Move the camera
  • Scroll wheel: Zoom in and out
  • M: Toggle minimap
  • N: Toggle weather UI elements

  • Tree: Highly flammable and common. It will transmit flames very well and can be cut down into Grass using the Axe ability.
  • Grass: Flammable and very common. It can be replaced by Water with the Bucket ability.
  • Dirt: Low flammability and fairly common. When too wet, it will become Grass and, in case of droughts, will eventually become Rock.
  • Rock: Fireproof and rare.
  • Water: Fireproof and common. Will contribute to dousing flames.
  • Oil: Extremely flammable and there is a set amount of them. Getting rid of these with the Oil Remover ability is key.
  • Cabin: Flammable and there is a set amount of them. They must be protected in order to win.
  • Fire: Only a few at the beginning, it will spread and must be doused with rain or the Water Spray. It can also eventually burn out. In both cases, it will become Ash.
  • Ash: Contributes to stopping flames. Fireproof and only appears where Fire was previously.


  • Day: Sunny weather is possible.
  • Night: Sunny weather is impossible.
  • Sunny weather: Highly increases Fire's strength and slows down refilling of Water Spray.
  • Cloudy or Clear Night: Neutral.
  • Raining: Will douse flames and refill Water Spray faster.
  • Hot: Highly increases Fire's strength.
  • Warm: Neutral.
  • Cold: Slows down Fire's progress.


  • Water Spray: Douses Fire. It has a gauge. When that gauge is emptied, there is a cooldown. Balancing spraying and waiting is important. It can be used on any Terrain to make it more resistant to Fire, including Oil and Cabins.
  • Fire Start: Creates a small fire that can be easily destroyed to avoid a larger Fire appearing.
  • Axe: Cuts down a tree into Grass. Low cooldown.
  • Oil Remover: Replaces Oil with Dirt. High cooldown.
  • Bucket: Fills a Grass space with Water. Average cooldown.


The Fire Simulator.zip 3 MB
TheFireSimulator.exe 20 MB

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